Renaissance Zone

A total of 17 blocks  have been declared complete and have been removed from the official Minot Renaissance Zone map. The City has an official count of 40.5 blocks designated in the Renaissance Zone as of 2020. A total of 1.5 blocks are not designated. This number can increase as our population grows or whenever the City declares a block complete and removes it from the official map. 

The purpose for selecting these blocks is to revitalize the once-bustling economic and social activity center of the city, which had generally been deteriorating since commercial relocation began over thirty years ago. Much of the area consists of older housing, commercial buildings and some industrial uses. Although there are still housing that need exterior improvements, there is evidence of new housing construction and investment. There are also indications of investment in retail and office buildings. With the advent of streetscape improvements and new streets within much of the downtown area, more investment in terms of cosmetic exterior façade improvements would help to complete the revitalization of the area. The flood of 2011 affected many of the properties within the Renaissance Zone; for this reason, the Board is looking to make revisions in the future.