After the Fire

  • If your furnace still works, change the filter immediately. You may have to change the filter again after a few days because of air borne soot, dirt and other contaminants. Contacting a mechanical contractor is recommended.
  • Clean and protect chrome trim with Petroleum Jelly or other light oil (unless not applicable).
  • Wash plants with clear water; take care to clean both sides of the leaves and the stem.
  • Do not operate any VCR, video equipment, TV, stereo, computer, or electrical appliance until it has been checked and cleaned. If a dry power fire extinguisher was used and there is a film on any electrical or electronic unit, vacuum the powder off as soon as possible. Prolonged contact with the dry powder chemical can ruin electrical equipment.
  • If your electrical power was turned off for more than a few hours, discard all the contents of your refrigerator and freezer. Until the power is restored, use a roll of paper towels or a wad of newspapers to keep the refrigerator and/or freezer doors open and allow air to circulate. If the doors are shut and the units are not operating, permanent odors will set inside the units.
  • If the weather is below freezing and you cannot heat your house, consider contacting a contractor for assistance.
  • If your pets have been exposed to smoke, fire or heat, have them examined by a veterinarian.

Many commercial products for cleaning and restoring wood are flammable and exposure to the fumes may be harmful to your health. Read and follow all directions and cautions carefully.

Discard any food items exposed to fire, smoke or heat. Even canned goods, which have been exposed to heat may be unsafe.