Rosehill Cemetery


Wreaths Across America will take place on Saturday, December 16th, 2023. Rosehill will be unable to accept payment for personal wreaths at the cemetery office.

Memorial Day decorations, other than flowers in permanent vases, can be placed on headstones starting on May 20th & must be removed by 7am June 6th.

Visitors shall be admitted to the grounds daily (gates will only be closed during winter storms or periods of heavy rainfall). Night security is provided by local law enforcement.


Rosehill Memorial Park was established in 1890 with a  consideration  price of $220.00 paid to John Wood  for the first acres. The oldest gravesite, recorded on September 22, 1888 for Reverend J. Henz, is in the St. Leo's section of the cemetery.

This old Catholic Section was added to the original City of Minot cemetery acreage in the 1960's when ownership was transferred for a $1.00 fee. Currently, some 21,826 burials have been made in the park, with more than 250 burials completed each year.

Bell Tower

Rosehill Cemetery

Cemetery Operations

The operation of the Park falls under the City of Minot's Public Works Division. Fees and regulations are set by City Council resolution each fall budget period. The superintendent, two full time equipment operators, one office and administrative specialist, and summer part time employees are responsible for lot sales, burials, landscaping and grounds maintenance on forty-five acres of developed cemetery grounds, office and equipment buildings, a chapel, a winter storage vault and numerous memorial monuments throughout the park. Three area monument companies provide markers and monuments at family request.