The City of Minot Inspection Division is dedicated to the promotion of public health and safety through the implementation of state and local regulations relating to the construction and alteration of structures and property. 

Mission Statement

We are committed to provide the highest quality code review and inspection services for all concerned with the safety and performance of the built environment

Review, Permit and Inspection Guide

This guide is an informational document that explains the permitting process and the steps involved in obtaining a permit.  A detailed description of each step is discussed in each chapter.  There are links to the content of each chapter on page 1 of the permit guide.

Commercial Permit

In general, a permit for commercial buildings are required for all activities that are regulated by the code or its referenced codes IBC, IFC, IMC, IFGC, IECC, UPC, NEC.  The intent of the code is to establish minimum standards in providing for the safety, health and general welfare of building occupants, as well as fire fighters and emergency responders during building emergencies. 


Residential Permit

The City of Minot requires that all residential plans for construction be "examined" for code compliance before a permit can be issued.  New homes, additions, remodeling, duplexes, accessory buildings greater than 120 sq. ft. all need to be permitted to ensure code compliance.




Monthly Building Permits

4 Year Permit Activity


All Contractors must be registered with the Secretary of State to conduct business in North Dakota. In Addition, the City of Minot requires contractors in the construction industry to obtain a city license in many trades.  See chapter 13 of Review, Permit and Inspections guide. 


Contains the forms needed for applying for the different types of building permits.


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