Changes to FEMA Flood RISK Maps

The City of Minot is seeing changes to the floodplain maps. These changes will affect several property owners with Federally-backed mortgages. Answers to frequently asked questions and more information as to why and how the changes will occur can be found in the links to the left.

How do changes to the floodplain maps affect me?

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding FEMA Risk Maps in Minot and Ward County

Flood risk reduction projects

The City of Minot has partnered with the Souris River Joint Board, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the International Joint Commission to reduce the risk of flooding for all areas across the Mouse River Basin. In the document below, proposed flood control projects in the Minot area are shown, including levees and flood walls. The completion of these projects is expected to greatly reduce the number of homes and business in the high risk flood zone. For more details on each phase of the projects and progress updates, visit the Flood Control page.