Special Wastes

  • Flood Debris: Post-flood debris is the responsibility of the homeowner or contractors.
  • Ashes: Do not mix ashes with garbage. Only cold ashes will be picked up. Ashes must be placed in a closed plastic bag and set a few feet away from other garbage.
  • Paint/Paint Cans: Empty paint cans or empty solvent containers will be picked up by crews. Paint will be picked up if cement powder or kitty litter is mixed with it to form a solid mass. Liquid paint can be taken to the Household Hazardous Waste drop at the landfill during their summer operating hours.
  • Motor Oil: Motor oil will not be picked up by crews, however, it will be accepted at the landfill. A special receptacle is set up for used oil.
  • Car Batteries: Batteries will not be picked up by crews. Many retailers accept old car batteries when you purchase a new one.
  • Animal Waste: Animal waste should be placed in sealed plastic bags before placing in cans.
  • Medical Waste: Place your used syringes, lancets and like materials in a puncture-resistant container (like a sealed empty liquid detergent bottle).
  • Sharp Objects: Place broken glass, sharp metal pieces or any other sharp items in a puncture-resistant container.
  • Christmas Trees: Christmas trees may be dropped off at compost site 3 (Oak Park) or compost site 7 (16th street and 16th Ave SW) following Christmas. The Trees will be mulched at the city landfill and that mulch is available for free to residents.