Wheelchair Ramp

How To Board Wheelchair - Ramp Equipped Buses 

  1. As the bus approaches your stop, be sure it is the correct bus before you try to board. Each AVTA bus has a destination sign over the windshield, and one on the curbside of the bus, displaying the route name and number. 
  2. Please wait until other passengers have boarded and position your wheelchair at least three feet back from the curb. The driver will extend the ramp so that you may enter the bus. Please listen and carefully follow any instructions given by the driver.
  3. Roll your chair backward up the ramp. Once your chair is in position, lock your wheelchair brakes and the driver will use tie downs to secure you and your wheelchair.
  4. Please tell the driver the location where you want to de-board so that the driver can properly position the bus at your departure point.
  5. Your wheelchair must be properly secured and brakes set before the driver will move the bus.
  6. Please signal your departure approximately one block ahead of your stop by using the signal cord or tape located above the window. 
  7. When it is clear to do so, the driver will extend the ramp so that you can carefully exit the bus.

Passengers That Cannot Climb Steps

  1. When the operator opens the door, inform them that you need to use the lift or ramp
  2. The operator will exit the bus, and direct you to step back while the lift is being deployed. The operator will then direct you to walk onto the lift.
  3. The operator will then raise the lift to floor level and direct you to enter the bus from the ramp. Once seated, the operator will then stow the lift.
  4. To exit the bus, push the “stop requested” touch bar or pad ¾ block from where you wish to exit.
  5. Reverse the boarding procedure and when the lift reaches the ground, carefully walk off the lift.