Landfill Rates

The landfill accepts cash, check, and Visa or MasterCard
Landfill rates are effective as of January 1, 2023
Material Rate
Municipal (i.e food, paper, cardboard, plastic) $10 min/ $48 per ton
Inert (i.e lumber, shingles, glass, metal) $5 min/ $35 per ton
$5 min/ $15 per ton
 Tires:   Auto (up to 5) $3 each
             Truck (up to 5) $5 each
             6 or more tires $50 min/ $200 per ton
  Appliances: With Freon $2 each
                      Without Freon $1 each
Large Animal Carcasses $48 min/ $48 per ton

Items Disposed Free of Charge

  • Yard waste or compost (clean, no branches or other debris)
  • Concrete (clean, no dirt, re bar or other debris)
  • Household quantities of hazardous waste
  • Used motor oil (15 gallons max)
  • Wood chips