Landfill Recycling Rates

Residental and Commerical Rates
  • $3.00 minimum/ $175 per ton
  • Acceptable Recyclable Materials (please rinse out)
  • #1, #2, #5 Plastic containers, bottles, jugs, tubs, and lids 
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Steel/ Tin Cans
  • Flattened Carboard & paperboard
  • Food and Beverage Boxes
  • Food and Beverage Cartons
  • Paper Products, mixed paper, junk mail, newspapers, and magazines.

Recycling programs are available to residents and businesses from the city and surrounding regions. By recycling acceptable items, you help create new products out of old ones, and divert material away from the landfill.  

Recycling single-sort drop site is located at the Minot Landfill.

Procedure: All vehicles must stop at the Scale House before and after you enter the landfill. You will give the Scale Operator your information and what material you have. This is to ensure the materials are being disposed of properly and to prevent hazardous material from contaminating the recyclable materials. 

Location: The recycling drop site is located northwest of the Scale House. The recycling drop site at the Minot Landfill will operate during regularly scheduled business hours.

We need your help to make recycling economically and environmentally sustainable. Certain offenders, like bagged recyclables or loose plastic bags, can slow down the recycling process or even ruin the whole load. 

If you are unsure of what is recyclable, when in doubt throw it out, or you may contact the Recycling Coordinator.