Traffic Division

The Traffic Division of the City Engineering Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the City's traffic signals, signs, pavement markings, and street lights. In addition, this division is responsible for enforcing construction signing requirements on public right of way and intersection view obstruction ordinances. Federal-aid street projects are coordinated through the Traffic Engineer and the City Engineer.

If you experience any problems with traffic signals, please call The Minot Police Department dispatch center at 701-852-0111. This phone number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The dispatch center will forward the information to the traffic division.

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  1. Stephen Joersz

    Traffic Engineer

Traffic Signal at Burdick and 6th St

Traffic Facts

  • TRAFFIC SIGNS - The City of Minot has approximately 5,800 traffic signs in place at this time, along with about 1,200 street name signs. The City has established policies and requirements for the installation of most types of signs, and a study is necessary before they can be installed. If you would like to request a study for the installation of a sign in your neighborhood, contact the Traffic Engineer at 701-857-4100. To report a damaged or missing sign, please call this number during office hours or report it to the Police Department.
  • TRAFFIC SIGNALS - There are currently 50 traffic signals in Minot. If you have any questions regarding traffic signal operation, feel free to call the Traffic Engineer any time.
  • TRAFFIC SIGNAL OUTAGE - North Dakota State Law requires drivers to treat a ‘dark’ signalized intersection as an “all-way” stop. A ‘dark’ intersection is any signalized intersection where all indications (red, yellow and green) are not lit, for example, in the event of a power outage.
  • STREET LIGHTS - The City's street lighting system consists of both Xcel Energy owned lights and City owned lights. There are currently about 1,100 Xcel lights and 2000 City lights in the system. City policy states that any new street lights installed in existing unlighted areas and new developments must be City owned, and the cost of installation assessed against the benefiting properties. To request new street lights in your neighborhood, contact the City Engineer. To report street light outages or damage, call 710-857-4100.
  • VIEW OBSTRUCTIONS - City ordinance requires that a sight triangle must be maintained free of view obstructions at all intersections. The property owner of a corner lot is responsible for maintaining this clear sight triangle. If you wish to report a view obstruction, please call the Traffic Engineer at 701-857-4100.