Municipal Limited Parking Authority


  • Margie Bolton, President 
    Term: May 2014 - June 2024
  • Gary Lucy
    Term: September 2022 - August 2027
  • Jason Bradley
    Term: August 2014 - August 2024

  • Andrew Gudmunson
    Term: September 2022 - August 2027
  • Chad Schmidt
    Term: August 2014 - August 2024


To exercise powers granted by Chapter 40-61 of the NDCC relative to the operation, maintenance, management, regulation, construction, reconstruction, and improvement of the municipal parking system.

Appointment, Membership, Terms

The City Council shall be the appointing authority; the Board shall consist of five members, appointed for five-year terms. The members of the Authority shall be property owners within the benefited areas and two members shall be guarantors of the bonds of the authority if any have been issued and guaranteed by property owners. If the authority has not issued bonds or if property owners have not guaranteed said bonds, then two members may be appointed at large.


Chapter 2, Division 5, of the City of Minot Code of Ordinances and Chapter 40-61 of the North Dakota Century Code. The Municipal Limited Parking Authority was established by resolution of the City Council date June 30, 1972.
Revised 8/2017